We create visual content with the intention of taking the viewer out of their everyday lives and showing them something different.


BLOCK - Short Film Trailer


Here is the first trailer for our new short film - BLOCK. To find out more please check out this link: boxwheelproductions.com/block

Telegraph Business Connect - Animation


This project was a great project to work on. It was built using Adobe After Effects with two plugins, Connect Layers and Newton2. The maker of Newton, Motion Boutique, commended our work on their Facebook page to an audience of nearly 10,000 people.

David Blackburne - Walk Away (Music Video)


This was the first project officially produced under the name BoxWheel Productions. It follows the story of a boy, who has run away from home in anger. He decides to explore the very best of nature until he meets a friend in the same boat...

Nick Molyneux - Staunton Park (Live Recording)

Project published - august 9 2014

This was a live recording which consisted of 4 individual videos being stitched and mixed together to create a song in which the artist accompanies himself. 

BoxWheel Productions - Showreel 2017


Here is our brand new showreel showcasing our production and animation capabilities. This video is an amalgamation of over 20 of our projects, from self funded short films to commercial event films. Most of the motion design was commissioned by The Telegraph.

Fairway Events - Wildwood Rocks! Event Film

PROJECT PUBLISHED - october 20 2016

This is the first official commercial project made under the name BoxWheel Productions. This piece of branded content captivates the audience through showing the attendees the highlights of day but also generates brand awareness with the events company which is the ultimate aim of this film. 

The River Misbourne - Documentary


A short documentary I helped film for my friend. I am happy with it as a piece of content as it was filmed and edited in the same day, starting at around 8am to 6pm filming then editing and grading until 9pm. Hope you enjoy!

BoxWheel 2015 Showreel

Project published - february 12 2016

This is a showreel of video content created by BoxWheel productions director Aaron Wheeler. It combines all videos show here and more. See below for more information.

David Blackburne - Walk Away - BTS

Project published - july 24 2016

I thought to add this to my portfolio as it nicely depicts the workflow of the music video. I chose various music genres to accompany the video in order to experiment with altering the pace of the video accordingly.

Day 432

Project published - November 26 2015

Short film about a man stuck in a diseased world after a Nitrox disease has killed most of the population off. He is the last hope to cure the disease and must find enough parts to build a computer to make his calculations...

Nick Molyneux - Beautiful Suchness of Things

Project Published - April 2 2015

The animation shown below was created by Aaron Wheeler as an experimental project which was developed over several months. The idea of it was to create a video without any plan or structure to show the 'beautiful suchenss' of the mind and how it can create on cue.