B L O C K (Short film)

What is BLOCK?

BLOCK is our latest short film, currently in production! Written by Aaron Wheeler, BLOCK follows the life of Will Miller, a young writer, suffering with a severe case of writers block (ey). In order to get some ideas, Will starts to commit some low level crimes, vandalism and petty theft, nothing too major. But he catches the bug.

Throughout the film, we see Will's life slowly spiral out of control as he leans more heavily on crime to support his lifestyle than he does his writing. This quickly becomes unsustainable when he reaches a more political level of crime, pushing drugs in other gangs regions and even more, creating rivalries with the true, born and bred criminals.

The crew

The crew has been friends for a few years now. However, BLOCK was the first fictional project we have all worked on together. Coming from a primarily commercial background, we were efficient in our production allowing us to get a lot done in a short amount of time and spend more time thinking about the meaning of each of the shots.

The Cast

We were blessed with an amazing cast for the film. Tobi Stubbs played the lead roll of Will Miller and took on his character with ease. He was supported by Georgie Brown (Maya), Toby Liszt (Tyler Hendricks) and Robert Ansell (Quentin Lenny). The characters hadn't particularly met prior to filming, but this added authenticity which worked amazingly.

The Shoot

The most memorable part of the shoot was the weather... It was cold as fuck. The first shoot date caught us off guard so we returned on the next few nights wrapped up from head to toe in warm things, which helps... Kinda. Originally, the plan was to film over 8 days and complete pick-ups on a separate day. However, we managed to get the shoot down to 5 days.

BLOCK - Trailer 1